Pain Therapy

How I treat pain

The main pain treatment method I work with is called ‘LNB Pain Therapy’. The method is a purely manual treatment. It’s based on a new understanding of pain, which is comprehensible and finds a solid support from the latest research on ‘fascia’.
Fascia is the tissue that surrounds each muscle fibre and the muscle as a whole. It gains ever greater scientific attention as its importance for pain development is recognised.
I have learnt that over 90% of all pains people suffer from are related to the fascia and therefore can be treated with ‘LNB Pain Therapy’.
In the course of treatment I press ‘osteo-pressure points’, that is pressure points on the bone. That pressure stimulates nerve endings that have a direct connection to the brain, which immediately relaxes the muscle tone and, consequently, the pain.
To maintain the success rate I give patients ‘homework’ to do, which consists of so called constriction point stretches. These are specially designed exercises to keep the pain away and further improve the flexibility of joints and muscles. With those tools in hand the patient can stay free from pain in the long term.
In special cases I might use acupuncture treatment additionally.
Other issues I might discuss with patients are diet and lifestyle. They are highly relevant factors in the genesis of pain and the main foundation for good health.
A plant based whole foods diet is the best foundation to a pain-free and healthy life, free of today’s most common health issues like diabetes, heart disease or cancer.