About me

img_1912-portraitHello, I’m Dr. Tobias Pintar. I am a GP from Austria, with a special interest in pain treatment. During my medical career as a GP, I have regularly found myself confronted with patients who have had pain for which my medical studies provided no answer. I have observed, that common treatments often proved ineffective or temporarily helped symptoms, but did not treat the underlying cause. Through working long hours and exercising less, I started to experience reoccurring muscle tension and aches myself. These problems made me look for answers outside the box and turn my attention to alternative treatments.

On my quest to find better treatments for my patients problems, as well as my own, I first learnt chiropractics. As I treated more patients I found that some improved greatly, some not at all and, for some, the pain reappeared shortly after treatment.

Not satisfied I then discovered acupuncture, which I came to regard highly. While I had great success with treating not only pain using acupuncture, I found that sometimes results could take a long time.

The latest treatment method that I have learnt, ‘LNB Pain Therapy’, gives me an utterly new understanding of how pain develops and how it can be treated. What makes this method superior is that it has proven highly effective and creates immediate results. By doing specific exercises, which I prescribe and demonstrate after the treatment, patients can experience continuous pain relief.

The combination of mainstream, acupuncture and ‘LNB Pain Therapy’ methods finally gives me a comprehensive treatment toolbox of skills and techniques. I can now blend a therapy which serves each patients specific needs, using complimentary methods under Western medical guidance.

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