Functional Medicine

In functional medicine my main intent is to find and treat the underlying cause of an illness or condition. The first and most important step is to take an in depth history, where I investigate all relevant functional systems. Based on the history the patient and I will develop a working hypothesis, which will be the foundation for further testing and treatment. A major cause of chronic illness is inflammation, but simply reducing inflammation is most likely not going to solve the problem. To find and eliminate the source of inflammation is.

Once I have established a diagnosis, I will use my treatment toolbox with all the treatments I have available. The first step of healing is to remove the cause of illness. One of the most important steps will be to analyse and fix lifestyle and dietary habits. As required I will add micronutrient supplements and herbs. That way patients can take their treatments into their own hands. Additionally, I can use manual treatments, acupuncture and particularly FSM to support the patient’s own healing mechanisms. Sometimes the patient may need medication.

The great thing about functional medicine is, that in the end the patients come out of it stronger. They will know what made them ill, how to avoid it in the future and how to improve their health.

Functional medicine can help you