Dr. Tobias Pintar

General Practitioner, LNB Pain Therapy, Acupuncture

Pain Therapy

How Do I Treat the Pain

Pain therapy, before the therapy examination

Before Pain Therapy

Pain is a complex symptom and can have many influences. As a therapeut you have to adapt to what the patient presents with. First, the patient and I have to to establish the cause of the pain by taking a complete history, and timeline and doing a thorough examination. Based on the findings we can establish a plan.

During Pain Therapy

A treatment method, that has a very wide range of possibilities and therefore is one of my most used treatments, is ‘FSM (frequency specific microcurrent)‘, which uses micro-doses of electric current to influence the bodies physiology with specific frequencies. Each of these frequencies has a specific influence on a physiological function or a specific tissue. By combining the two frequencies at the same time you can take influence on a function in a certain tissue of the body.

Another pain treatment method I like to use mainly for myo-fascial pain is ‘LNB Pain Therapy’ The method is a purely manual, non invasive treatment. It’s based on a new understanding of pain, which is comprehensible and finds solid support from the latest research on ‘fascia’. It gains ever greater scientific attention as its importance for pain development is recognised.
I have learnt that over 90% of all pains people suffer from are related to the fascia. Therefore in the majority of cases I will be able to take positive influence with this method – at least to a certain extent.

If the situation requires it, I might also decide to use acupuncture treatment. For this task I use a special kind of European ear acupuncture, which is called ‘auricular acupuncture’. This one I like to use when pain conditions don’t want to respond to proven treatments even though they should. That’s when I suspect a so called ‘focus’ (which I explain in more detail in the acupuncture section). With auricular acupuncture I can detect and neutralise it.

Sometimes all of this is not enough. My functional medicine background gives me the tools to support the patients metabolism and find the source of systemic health problems such as, the mother of all chronic disease, chronic inflammation. This can be essential to build a terrain where good health can thrive. That way the body doesn’t need to produce pain as a warning sign.

Frequency Specific-Microcurrent Treatment for Pain

FSM - Frequency Specific Microcurrent

LNB Pain Therapy Dublin

LNB Pain Therapy

Acupuncture service

Acupuncture Therapy

After Pain Therapy

After the treatment, I give patients ‘homework’ to do. One part of this homework is so-called constriction point stretches. These exercises are crucial for maintaining the success of the treatment. They are specifically designed to keep the pain away and develop flexibility in joints, soft tissue, and muscles. I discuss diet, micro-nutrients, and lifestyle with my patients. These are highly relevant factors in the genesis and treatment of pain and the main foundation for good health. With those tools in hand, the patient can stay free from pain in the long term.

After pain therapy