LNB Pain Therapy

LNB is Effective in Treating (Nearly) All Pain

The kinds of pain, that can be causally cured or at least minimised by our therapy, are also the ones that occur most frequently.

LNB Pain Therapy is a stand-alone system for treating most pain conditions. It is based on a new understanding of pain completely different from previous ones: In most cases pain can be regarded as pure alarm pain. The body typically triggers pain to warn and protect us of impending joint and tissue damage due to increased myofascial (muscle and fascia related) tension.

LNB therapy is effective even when there is no suspected myofascial cause. This insight allows us to treat pain associated with a wide range of conditions: arthritis, fibromyalgia, non-articular rheumatism syndrome, rheumatoid, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease, “phantom” limbs, headache, turning the head, migraines, cluster-migraines, the neck, torticollis, neck stiffness, trigeminal neuralgia, eyes , the jaw joints, shoulders, shoulder-arm syndrome, frozen shoulder, impingement, tennis- and golf elbow, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, the wrist, knuckles and thumbs, text-message thumb, slipped discs, intercostal neuralgia, back, whiplash, thoracic spine, neck injuries, lower back injuries, ankylosing spondylitis, scoliosis, floating discs, spinal stenosis, lumbago, buttock pain, sciatica, hip pain, knee pain and ankle joint pain, pain in the inner and outer meniscus, restless leg syndrome, shin splints, cramps in the calves, tears in the Achilles tendon and calcaneal spurs. Conditions such as rheumatism and Parkinson’s disease cannot be cured by the osteo-pressure. However, the pain associated with them can be significantly reduced.

Apart from eliminating or reducing pain, we also see many other positive changes triggered by the therapy. Among others are improvements in vision, of tinnitus, of teeth grinding, posture, physical exhaustion, attention deficit disorder (ADD), depression, sexual dysfunction and numbness in the lower limbs.

The Value of LNB Pain Therapy

The feedback of several thousand participants shows the following special features of our pain therapy:

A New Understanding of Pain

‘LNB Pain Therapy’ is a highly effective and revolutionary pain therapy that establishes a new and — for the first time — positive understanding of pain. With its easy-to-understand approach it gives very clear guidance on how to achieve myo-fascial release, so the body can stop triggering alarm pains.

This approach revolutionises procedures relied upon until now and offers both patient and therapist a continuous and comprehensive therapy framework. This new understanding of pain finally makes sense of the body’s language.

By pressing the so called osteo-pressure points (pressure points on the bones) the LNB therapist is able to release even the most chronic and persistent pain from its deadlocked state. Once patients implement regular ‘Constriction Point Stretching’ in their daily routine long-term success can be achieved. That prevents new incidents of pain, and preserves and reprograms the musculoskeletal system well into old age.

It succeeds — giving hope and joy to thousands of pain patients — even though imaging techniques already show structural damage. Slipped discs, arthritis, calcifications and other joint or vertebral damage, or even nerve irritations and inflammation cannot be said to be the main causes of pain.

How LNB Pain Therapy works

Our pain therapy is based on the ‘Pain Point Pressure’ of osteo-pressure (points on bones) points. This manual treatment technique allows LNB pain therapists to reset myofascial programs stored in the brain, that lead to a mechanical overloading of body structures, putting them at risk of destruction. As soon as the inappropriate tensions are corrected by the ‘Pain Point Pressure’, the body will turn off alerts (pain) previously warning of the impending danger. The number of sessions needed, depends on how complex the erroneous movement programs are and on the biological soundness of the body structures that are required to learn a new movement behaviours.

By the end of the second treatment at the latest, the patient receives an individual exercise programme with our therapeutic ‘Constriction Point Stretches’. These stretching exercises consist of seven single steps, tailored to the patient’s specific problem areas. The patient’s pain status and condition determine whether he or she takes single steps at a time, or completes a comprehensive programme. Practicing these positions and movements in conjunction with specifically-defined stretches, strengthenings and activations, leads to new, healthier and more natural myofascial programmes. Wear and tear is kept to the physiological minimum. Pain is dramatically reduced over the long term. As long as the patient practises regularly, success is guaranteed.

(Source: LNB Pain Therapy)