Dr. Tobias Pintar

General Practitioner, LNB Pain Therapy, Acupuncture

8 spooky facts about food

Things you don’t/might want to know about

  • One The sight of food makes us hungry. Experiments showed, that we get hungry from watching food.
  • Two We make 66% of decisions during grocery shopping spontaneously.
  • Three Experiments have shown, that we would eat more of multi-coloured candy, than candy of one single colour. That way nature makes sure we eat from all the variety of food it has to offer, in order to provide all the nutrients. Multi-coloured candy suggests variety.
  • Four According to 2014/2015 figures from the Irish Food Board the Irish ate on average 77 kg of meat per person yearly. That’s an average of 210 g per person per day.
  • Five In the US the average fat content of peoples diets in the last 30 years has gone down about 20%, while the number of obese people has doubled.
  • Six 50 years ago a chicken had been butchered after 60 days at an average weight of about 1 kg. Today the average slaughter weight of 1.6 kg is already reached after 35 days.
  • Seven Up to 33% of food within the EU is being disposed of during storage, during transport, in food factories or by the consumer. Prices seem to be too cheap.
  • Eight 1 kg of fat equal about 7000 kcal which equals about 10 hours of jogging.